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Accepted Items

What you can bring to the Free Store:

Make sure to bring the types of things you would want to receive.

We accept only items that are clean and in good condition.

All electronic or mechanical items must work.

All parts necessary for the proper use of an item must be included.

All pairs or items with multiple parts should be secured together.

All items should be clean, stain free, dirt free, odor free…

No Food Items or anything with an expiration date.

No regulated items (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, firearms, chemicals, etc..)

No illegal items

Drop-off items should be easy to carry and smaller in size – you should contact the Free Store about larger items so we can make sure we have room.

Some examples of the types of items we accept:

Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Clothing. (no underwear unless they are new in package)

Accessories: Belts, Bags, Wallets, Sunglasses, Hats, Scarves, Clips, Gloves (secure the pair together with a tie or put both in a bag together).

Shoes (secure together with a tie or place in bag together).

Jewelery: Make sure earrings or sets are grouped together in a baggie or secured together in some way.  Very Small items should be in a separate bag together if possible – separate from large items.

Toys, Games, Books, Music & Movies

Small Electronics & Accessories : Hand Held Video Games, Video Game Systems and Accessories, Cameras, MP3 Players, CD Players, Headphones, Curling Irons, Electric Razors, Vacume Cleaner, etc…

Household Items & Décor:

Kitchen Items such as Coffee Maker, Pot Holder, Sink Mats, Dish Drainer, Plates, Cups, Silverwear, teapot, Toaster, Cookwear, Pots, Pans, Dish Towel, Place Mats, Table Cloth, etc…

Bedroom Items such as pillows, bedding, blankets, closet organizers, bedroom décor…

Bathroom Items such as: towels, washcloths, magnifying mirror, shower organizer, vanity organizers, bath mat, Toilet Paper Holder, bath sponge / brush, soap dish, bathroom décor….

Home Décor Items: wall hangings, pictures, photo frames, candles, baskets, lamps, vases, ornamental plants, decorative figures, bookends, area rugs, and other decorative items…

Holiday Items and Décor Christmas, Easter, New Years, Harvest, Summer, Halloweene (including Costumes)…any seasonal or holiday decorative item.

Party Supplies & Items including special occasion décor and items for : birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties, theme parties, any day parties….

Craft Items & Supplies,  Tools,  Sports & Athletic Equipment  & Other…


Items donated to the Long Beach Free Store will stock the Free Store and be given away freely. The Free Store may reserve some larger or high-value items to offer for a donation to help cover administrative costs.

Once an item is donated and is in possession of the Long Beach Free Store – it can not be demanded back – make sure you want to give up what you bring in.  If you donated an item and want it back – you can come in and see if it is still in stock  – and take it back if it is still in the Free Store – but it can not be returned if it has already been taken. You can not demand that the Free Store is opened - you must come during posted Free Store hours.

No one has any right or expectation of ownership to anything in the Free Store – All items are on a first-come basis and special arrangements or reservations can not be made to accommodate special requests.

If there is a dispute over an item – the item may be taken by Free Store staff and not given to anyone – that item may be returned into Free Store stock at a later time or donated to charity….

A donation to the Free Store does not guarantee that you will find items you want to take from the Free Store, or that you will find the same number if items you brought in. 

No special demands can be made of the Free Store or Free Store Staff.

The Long Beach Free Store reserves the right to decline service to anyone.   (but we won't unless we have a really good reason for it)




The Long Beach Free Store is a project 
of the Catalyst Network of Communities.
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