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Here is a brief radio interview set to a photo slideshow about the Free Store. This will give you a good idea of what we are all about.

If you have any questions email us at [email protected]

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General Questions

General Questions

  1. Is it Really Free? Really?

    Yes. It's Free! No payment required. Nothing required in return. 

    We are a program of the Catalyst Network of Communities, a 501(c)3 non-profit social impact organization.

    You must be a Member of the Free Store to shop or donate. Membership is Free with a brief Orientation.

    When people come in to the Free Store and have items to donate to the community, we gladly receive the items.

    A donation is not required in order to "shop" the Free Store. Any member that comes in may shop.

    Just because you can shop for free doesn't mean that it's free for us to be here though! The Free Store is housed inside the Art Exchange Long Beach, and yes we do have rent and utilities. We accept monetary donations that are tax-deductible. We appreciate any contribution from anyone that believes in what we're doing and would like to help sustain us! You can make a donation here. Thank you!

  2. When are you open?

    Open hours will be listed on the website on the Hours Of Operation page, as well as on the window of the LB Free Store.  Please be patient with us while we settle into a schedule.

    The Long Beach Free Store is run on 100% volunteer help. 

    The LB Free Store can only be accessed for drop-off of items or to "shop" the store during open free store hours.

    The Art Exchange Long Beach has it's own hours of operation which are different from and separate from the LB Free Store.

    See the Hours Of Operation page for Free Store Open Hours.

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  1. Can I donate items to the Free Store? What can I Bring?

    Yes - you can donate items to the Free Store.  We take any small to mid-size items that are clean and in good condition. We take clothing, accessories, household items & decor, books, games, media... for a more extensive list of items we accept see the Accepted Items List Here.

    If you have a larger item, or you are not sure about an item - ask us first.

  2. When can I bring items to donate?

    We will only accept donations during Open Free Store Hours - which will be listed on the website. Check the website to see when we will be open.

    You can contact us for special arrangements otherwise - and if we can accomodate you we will.

    Do NOT drop-off items at the Art Exchange Long Beach at any time. We will only accept donations inside the LB Free Store.

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The Long Beach Free Store is a project 
of the Catalyst Network of Communities.
 “connect and affect” 

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