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Free Store Positions

The Long Beach Free Store is located in the Art Exchange Building  342 E. 3rd Street, Long Beach, California 90802 - on 3rd between Elm and Long Beach Blvd.

Free Store Staff & Volunteer Orientations

The first step is to come in and take our New Member Orientation and sign up to be a member of the Free Store. When you are here - let us know you are interested in being a volunteer. We will go over volunteer positions with you, answer any questions - and give you a volunteer application to fill out and return to us.  All volunteers start out by working with us on the days we are already open. Thursday's from 4pm to 9pm and Saturdays from 11am to 3pm. Volunteers can also help with Bonus Days and Special Events.

Once you get the hang of it and we have a team ready to take on other days and hours - volunteers can come on other days we add to the schedule.

We need a team of 2 leads available to open other days, with a few additional volunteers available for support. We require a team of at least 3 volunteers available most days to add a day to the schedule.

Volunteer Leads can devote anywhere from 1 or 2 days a month (such as the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month, for example) to 1 or 2 days a week (such as every Tuesday and Sunday). Hours for new days will be determined by the availability of the volunteer staff who are dedicated to those days.

Email freestore@gocatalyst.org if you can help out or leave a message or text at

the LB Free Store Voicemail at (562) 726-3745

Email or call to set up a Free Store Staff Volunteer Orientation outside of our regular operating hours and we will schedule an appointment when we are available.

We especially need you here if you can be a lead and take a regular schedule (Every Thursday or Saturday – or the 1st & 3rd Saturday each month for example).  We need to schedule regular hours for the Leads as well as the alternate leads. Regular Free Store Staff volunteers who cannot commit to a regular schedule but sign up for shifts to work as you are available should come to an orientation as well.

REMINDER – Free Store Volunteers can earn Time Dollars through the Long Beach Time Exchange.  The Time Exchange has their monthly meeting and Pot Luck is This Sunday.  We will be done on time with our Sunday FS Staff Orientation to make it to the Time Exchange Meeting. It’s a great time to connect with other members, learn more about the Time Exchange and Sign Up – if you are not a member yet.

Free Store Positions


What We Need:

Free Store Staff Leads – you can commit to work regular schedules & shifts for a prolonged period to keep the Free Store open.   You give us set days you can work the Free Store – it could be one or two days / shifts a week – it could be two a month … but you commit to show up and work your days – just like your day job.  You will get training and you will be assisted by the Free Store Manager, the Free Store Director and Volunteers.

Free Store Staff Lead / Alternates – you have a flexible schedule and you can be there to fill in for leads in case there is an emergency or they need someone to fill in on a shift.  You may not have a regular schedule for a prolonged period in the same way – but you are generally available to fill in and you can help out in a pinch ( that means we can call you at the last minute to see if you can fill in for someone out sick or who had an emergency).   You will get training and you will be assisted by the Free Store Manager, the Free Store Director and Volunteers.

Free Store Volunteers  - you sign up to work FS Shifts and support the Free Store Staff.  You commit to the shifts you sign up for, show up and do the work.  How you are different from the lead? – you can’t necessarily commit to a regular schedule for a prolonged period – but you will check in to work available shifts when you can.

Free Store  Administrative Support –  you can help with tasks such as data entry, free store logs and reports, organization of any / all paperwork and anything Free Store related.  You may also help with advertising / outreach / social media and promotion.  You may help with a free store blog / vlog / taking photos and posting to social media and other marketing or tech stuff…  Admin Support candidates do not have to be able to do all things listed in this description – we would match your activities to your skill set …. If you are willing to help out, we can use you.

What You Get: 

Time Dollars: We can pay you in Time Dollars for any volunteer support – individuals would need to have an active account with the Long Beach Time Exchange or sign up for an account in order to receive those time dollar payments. 

Some Cool Free Stuff : Another benefit  to  Free Store Staff and Volunteers  is that they will have first access to the items coming in– basically, by being in the FS as items are coming in – you will get “first pick” on the items and a greater chance at “Finding what you Need” at the Free Store.

“cred” :  aspire to the ideal of a more just and sustainable society, where people help each other and no one is at a loss for the basics to sustain them in life?  Hope for a world free from poverty – where no one goes hungry and people all work together to make the world a better place? Want to see a greener world – where people strive to preserve the environment for generations to come?  Well – DO something about it. Here is one way you can.

Good Karma – You are helping people, helping your community, helping the environment… helping yourself.

ALSO… it’s fun, you get to meet cool people and hang out at an awesome place. 

We want you to take the work seriously , because no endeavor can operate without consistency and predictability. We need to post a schedule and have people show up to work it – so that people know when to come and don’t get disappointed or discouraged or get a bad opinion about the Free Store when they treck into Long Beach just to check it out from Mission Viejo, or Simi Valley – or even from down the street.  But – we also want to have fun when we are here and be in a relaxed and happy working environment .  We are all volunteers here – and this is a labor of love.

If you are interested in any positions – please email us at freestore@gocatalyst.org with “ FS Volunteer” in the subject line :

Your desired position,  availability & shifts you would like to take on (even if they are not scheduled yet – if you can do Mondays from 1pm to 5pm  let us know ) 

along with your Name, Phone Number and email address. 

We also recommend you sign up for the Long Beach Time Exchange if you are not already a member : http://timeexchangelb.wordpress.com/

The Long Beach Free Store is a project 
of the Catalyst Network of Communities.
 “connect and affect” 

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